There is a gorgeous pop up event this weekend in Downtown Toronto’s Yorkville Village! This pop up event is called The Gift of Patron and is a shopping event, with complimentary drinks, gift wrapping and more! Today (December 12th, 2021), from 12pm – 5pm is the last day to visit so make sure you check it out if you’re in the area! 

The entrance is located at Yorkville Village – The Lane, 136 Yorkville Avenue! When you enter There is a gorgeous christmas tree and decor that really gets you in a festive mood! Then once you walk past the tree you will meet the front of the pop up event, there is a table that will check you in, there was not a line when I visited! They will check your proof of vaccination, government ID and a screening form! It only takes a few mins, as soon as you’re done, a host will take you in and give you a drink ticket so you can get your free drink! They will show you where the gift sets are for sale, where the complimentary bar is and where the free gift wrapping station is!

There were a few gift sets for sale, however a lot of them were sold out! The host made it clear that the only thing that was on sale was the gift sets, all other drinks, food, and dessert is absolutely free! After looking at the gift sets, we went to the bar, there were 3 different drinks to choose from, A Patron Smoked Old Fashion, A Patron Mexican Hot Chocolate, and A Patron Winter Margarita! 


I got the Winter Margarita. It was a beautiful bright pink colour, had a dehydrated lime wheel, and you had a choice of a cinnamon sugar salt rim or a chile rock salt rim, I took the rock salt rim and it paired perfectly with the drink! The Old Fashion was served very beautifully as well, it was surrounded by liquid smoke, and topped with an orange peel! The Hot Chocolate was served in a beautiful porcelain mug! The Margarita was definitely my favourite! 


There was a lot of couches, tables and seating, we managed to get a couch and sat down to enjoy our drinks, while the pop-up was semi outside, there were a lot of heaters that were scattered that made the area warm and comfortable! 

There was also a free dessert, we had an apple and date tres leches cake, which was creamy, sweet and delicious! We had so much fun and ended up staying for about 40 mins here! 

I hope they have more of these amazing pop up events soon because this one was so much fun!

Sincerely, Celine! 

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