There is a brand new bubble tea spot in Woodbridge that has some seriously tasty drinks!  They have a great atmosphere, there are some tables, twinkling lights and decor for great photos, a great vibe and an enjoyable experience. 

You are instantly drawn to the items on their menu, there are many different types of bubble tea to choose from, some of their specials include pomegranate milk tea, coffee dalgona, their Kraft milk tea that has tapioca and pudding, thai milk tea and more! There are many fruit teas and slushes as well, like Mango, Strawberry and Honeydew! There are milk teas like Jasmine, Earl Grey, Cocoa, and Honey! On top of their menu of classics there are smoothies, icy drinks, Yakult and fresh milk drinks! 

There was so much to choose from, and because it was our first time visiting we decided to go with one of the drinks on their spericaly menu and two of their classics, we got the thai milk tea as well as the mango and peach fruit green teas! 

The Thai Milk Tea is probably the best Thai Milk Tea i’ve ever had! It had the correct amount of sweetness and tea, it was creamy and refreshing! This is hands down a must try drink at Kraft tea! 

If milk teas aren’t your favourite, their fruit teas are light and refreshing! We got mango tea with lychee jelly and peach tea with tapioca, and we got them both half sweet! It was so light and full of flavour, it felt so natural and delicious! 

Kraft tea also has biodegradable covers and paper straws which is a step in the right direction of being eco friendly and saving the environment! 

Let me know what your favourite bubble tea drinks are in the comments! 

Sincerely, Celine! 

KRAFT TEA – ADDRESS: 5451 Hwy 7, Woodbridge, ON L4L 0B2

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