If you are looking for a unique place to visit over the weekend, check out The Rec Room at Square One Shopping Centre! This restaurant has two floors, the first floor is where the seating and upscale dining area is, and on the lower floor there are arcade games, bowling, pool and ping pong! There is also a section for live music called The Hall, there is occasional live music here! If you still want some light eats and some drinks there is a bar and food counter on this lower level! While you can’t have all the items at this counter you can try some of their lighter snacks which are delicious! 

When we visited we had such a hard time deciding what to order because there was so many great options on their menu to choose from, there are some appetizers/shareables that are unique like Crispy Chipotle Mushrooms and Tempura Jalapeños, and there are some classic favourites like Nachos, Chicken Wings, and Calamari! They also give you complimentary popcorn to start your meal! 

As for their main entrees, there are an array of salads and bowls, tacos, burgers, pizzas, pastas, fish and chips and much much more! We visited as a group of 3 and decided to get one of their sharing platters, there was a few different ones we could choose from, the first platter is the TLC platter it is $35 and comes with edamame hummus, crispy chipotle mushrooms, guacamole with tortilla chips and grilled pita as well as two 60 credit game bands to use in the arcade. The second sharing platter is the MVP platter. It is $50 and comes with 12” Margherita pizza, fries, small nachos, a 60 oz pitcher of Budweiser or sharable cocktail pitcher and two 60 credit game bands. The final platter is the BBQ platter, it is $70 and comes with fried chicken, mac & cheese, coleslaw & pulled pork pickles & pickled red onions, challah bread, 60oz pitcher of Budweiser or sharable cocktail pitcher and two 60 credit game bands. 

We ultimately decided on the MVP platter, to accompany the food we chose the pitcher of sharable Tropical Sangria, this has white wine, passion fruit, pineapple, sprite, and lemon! It was refreshing, tasty, had the right amount of sweetness and paired well with the food! The stand out item of the meal with the Margherita Pizza, it has a thin and crispy base that isn’t soggy and has the perfect texture! It is really tasty, has lots of flavour and just enough crisp! The fries were a great side dish, but the nachos were not my absolute favourite, I’d say to substitute for a second serving of fries! 

When you’re done eating, head over to do some axe throwing or go downstairs to the arcade to use those game bands! There are so many games to indulge in, from racing games to claw machines, they have it all! 

I can’t wait to return to The Rec Room to try some more foods and play some more games! 

Sincerely, Celine!

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