We celebrated the start of summer and a birthday the last few weeks. Me and some friends decided to visit Taps Public House in Mississauga! We made a reservation a few days before and went for a late dinner, we arrived and although we were a little early they were really friendly and got us seated right away! We were a pretty large group of seven people, and they had a really great, secluded table, it made us feel so safe! 

The decor and vibe of this restaurant is amazing! There is a chic and neon theme that is so fresh and trendy! This place had a perfect level of music as well, it wasn’t too loud but just loud enough to match the atmosphere! We got seated in our booth and it was such a great spacious and comfortable space! Our waitress came over right away and got us started with water, she was so friendly and made us feel so welcomed! 

We first ordered drinks and there were so many great options, we all ordered cocktails, we got the drink Life’s a B, this had coconut tequila, hypnotic and pineapple juice! This was so tasty, and it was served with a lime wheel as well! We also got a Lychee Martini, which was so amazing as well, this has vodka, soho and pineapple juice! The last drink was the Wildflower Whisky Sour that has whisky, st-germain, egg white, and lemon juice! The drinks were perfect! 

Their menu has a fair bit of variety, there are many different pizzas, like margarita, truffle and mushroom, and a really interesting fig and brie pizza! While the pizzas were absolutely mouthwatering we got a few different items, we started with their truffle fries, they were amazing! Full of flavour, fresh and crispy! They were a little too hot though so definitely proceed with caution and wait for them to cool down a bit before indulging! Next, I got the Baja Fish Tacos, they were so tasty, it was topped with purple slaw, guacamole, pepper jack cheese, onions, and a speciality sauce! It was so delicious and packed full of flavour! 

We also ordered a Supreme Fried Chicken Sandwich, this sandwich was huge! It was really crispy, and served with pickles, purple slaw, scorpion dill mayo and hot honey, the sauces really made world of a difference in this sandwich, the flavours mesh so well and it’s really a fulling dish especially because it is served with fries as well! 

Their pastas are immaculate! We got a few servings of both their Miso Carbonara and Truffle Mushroom Ravioli! They were both so delicious, they were so accommodating as well, one person in our party was requesting an item that was on the softer side, and they were able to give us really great advice on what was the softest dish and they were able to make the truffle mushroom ravioli softer than normal which was perfect! The ravioli was stuffed with mushrooms, and topped with white truffle oil, parmesan, balsamic glaze, and then served with a nutty truffle cream sauce! We also had the Miso Carbonara that was full of great flavour as well, this came with linguine, bacon, mushrooms, toasted black pepper, parmesan, egg yolk, with a rich miso cream sauce! This was amazing and the presentation was top-notch, especially with the garlic bread!  

As mentioned we were also celebrating a birthday, and they were nice enough to bring out a treat, we had a some delicious cheesecake and it was decorated with a sparkler!

I can’t wait to return, this place was so amazing and all the food and drinks were top notch! You need to visit Taps Public House! 

Sincerely, Celine!

ADDRESS: 6570 Meadowvale Town Centre Cir, Mississauga, ON L5N 4B7

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