Dessert places are becoming increasingly popular, there are so many new dessert focused places being newly opened in the GTA! There is one location in Vaughn called SugarHill that I just had to check out! 

We made our way there on a friday evening, it was pretty full and busy, we didn’t have to wait very long for our seats because it’s a pretty large restaurant! When we visited there were screens separating the tables to ensure safety measures which were still really thoughtful! Once we were seated there was really beautiful decor, with a light and airy atmosphere! It was really clean and youthful! Not to mention it smelled amazing because of all the fresh treats and desserts that were being made! 

Our server started us with some water and gave us the menus! There was so much to choose from! They have amazing ice cream sundaes and ice cream flavours! They have the Mangoberry that includes mango ice cream, strawberry puree and fresh strawberries! Or the Brownie Blast, with white chocolate and dark chocolate ice cream, brownie pieces and white chocolate sauce! There are so many ice cream flavours by the scoop, like pistachio, royal saffron and coffee viet, that you can also use to customize your order and add other toppings as well! There are so many tasty toppings like warm apple crumble, cinnamon crumbs, and mango puree! 

While the ice cream looked absolutely amazing by itself we opted for the cakes and crepes which also included ice cream! We got two different cakes, the first one we got was the Superfudge, it had Chocolate Fudge Cake, vanilla ice cream, and milk chocolate sauce! It was so tasty, it was definitely a sweet item but if you like chocolate this is the one for you! Next, we got the ‘Spresso Cake! This was a much more balanced item and my personal favourite! It included Tiramisu cake, warm apple crumble, cinnamon crumbs  and caramel sauce! It was a perfect dessert, it had a hint of coffee, and was creamy! The stellar item was definitely the apple crumble, you need to try it! 

Lastly, we ordered a crepe, there were so many options, but we settled on the Nutty Professor! This was a crepe with hazelnutto ice cream, bananas, nutella sauce and we substituted the strawberries for hazelnut crumbs! It was really good and the presentation was excellent! The best past was also the adorable self moving machine that brought us our orders! It has a cute digital face and spoke to us! 

There was so much more on the menu like waffles, and many drinks! I can wait to return and try even more items! 

ADDRESS: 9100 Jane Street, Concord, ON L4K 0A4

Sincerely, Celine! 

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