If you’re looking for a quick spot to check out with amazing food then you need to go to Honey Soul Food! It’s located in Mississauga, Ontario and the food is full of flavour! It does have a great vibe and a nice wall to take great shots of your delicious food! 

The menu is really wide ranging and inclusive while still keeping those amazing flavours in tact! There is so much on their menu, from wings and fries (their fries are topped with honey and it is the perfect sweet and salty combination) to shrimp and mac and cheese! It was so difficult to choose just a few items to try! 

We decided to go with their Jack’d Up Chicken Sandwich! It was a pretty good size, the chicken was marinated with a really nice Nashville seasoning! It comes topped with pickles and coleslaw, it comes with a side and I chose fries, these were seasoned well and as I mentioned was really uniquely topped with honey which was such a great combination! It was honestly so tasty and an item I’d definitely go back for! We also got a side order of the loaded fries, it came topped with cheese, tomato, and was a portion size! 

There are a few drinks on their menu that you NEED to try, they have typical drinks but the standout is their Iced Sweet Teas! This is so refreshing and paired so well with the food, there are a few options like Hibiscus Merlot (hibiscus, black cherry), Tropical White  (peaches, mangos, and oranges), and Pineapple Punch (pineapples, watermelons, hibiscus, and strawberries)! My favourite was the Tropical White, it wasn’t too sweet, it had so much fresh flavour, and I am definitely a citrus lover, so this particular tea really played into my liking! 

Overall, the food and service was amazing, and there are some really great food and drink items here! If you are ever in the area definitely check out Honey Soul Food! 

Sincerely, Celine!

ADDRESS: 5977 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W 1E8 


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