Recently I visited Lucky Tea in Mississauga. It is located at Golden Square Centre it is connected/located inside of the Red Lotus Chinese Restaurant! From the outside it can be a little difficult to spot the ‘Lucky Tea’ sign, so definitely look for the Red Lotus sign instead! Inside the restaurant is really beautiful! The bubble tea spot is located right at the front so it is immediately visible as soon as you walk in! 

They have a limited but very tasty menu! Some of my favourites include the Blue Curacao! This is made with the blue curacao syrup and looks so aesthetically pleasing and is the perfect summer drink! It has a great gradient from pink to blue when the colours from the pink dragon fruit syrup mixes with the blue curacao syrup! If you add in coconut jelly there is also a light green/yellow hue that is added to the gradient! 

There are also milk based drinks such as brown sugar milk teas! There is a great balance of sweet and creamy in these drinks! It is definitely delicious and the brown sugar tapioca is top-notch! There is also Jasmine Flower Milk Tea and Spring Green Milk Tea amongst others! You can also adjust your sweetness level and ice! 

There is a variety of fruit and mousse drinks with the same base as the milk teas, Oolong red, Jasmine flower, and Spring green! There is also a great deal of unique toppings, there is the regular tapioca and coconut jelly, but also purple rice, grass jelly, crystal boba and sweet/cheese mousse! There is definitely something for everyone to enjoy! 

On top of the amazing drinks the server made our drinks with a lot of care to make sure they looked and tasted perfect! I can’t wait to return sometime soon! 

Sincerely, Celine!


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