Brunch is incredibly trendy, always has the best vibes and has become a staple in my lifestyle! There is a gorgeous brunch spot in Vaughn called Evviva! After weeks of trying to make a reservation I finally decided to walk in! If you are going with a large group of people I would suggest getting there early, plan on waiting or planning days ahead to make an online reservation! If you have a small party (approx. 1-2), walk-ins may be the better option! 

When I visited, I had a small party and they got us seated right away! Our waitress was polite and informative! We started with some drinks! They had some really great alcoholic drinks, like mimosas, sangria’s but we decided to go with the Espresso martini and Spanish coffee! These drinks were delicious and strong! There were also great non-alcoholic drinks like maple lattes and cafe mochas! A fun surprise was that there are also vegan drinks like a Kombucha mimosa, vegan hot chocolate and much more! 

There is so much to choose from on their extensive food menu! To start, there are so many health conscious and vegan options! There are various salads, vegan omelettes, vegan waffles, and beyond burgers! There is also a kids menu! In addition to their vegan menu, there is an all-day breakfast, omelette, waffle, and grill menu! 

With so much to choose from, I decided to go with the chicken and waffles, as well as the Chicken Chili Aioli! They were both so tasty! The chicken and waffles came with maple syrup, some fresh fruit and sour cream! It was the perfect comfort food! The Chicken Chili Aioli was a pleasant surprise, it was definitely a lunch item and was so tasty! It came with fries and paired perfectly! 

Service was so friendly, and the drinks and food came so quickly! We definitely didn’t have to wait too long which was amazing because we were hungry! 

Overall, it was such an amazing visit, I can’t wait to return and dine on their patio on a sunny day! 

Sincerely, Celine!


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