There is a unique patio experience right in Caledon, Ontario! It is a Cidery called Spirit Tree Cidery and they offer cider tasting, a patio with many bistro choices of great food items and a store with many items including sandwiches, dips and pizza on occasional nights! 

We started by getting short flights of their ciders, this included your choice of 3 different ciders! There was a long list of ciders to choose from, plus their seasonal options! The flight I chose was the Pear Cider, Peachy Pear (which was one of their seasonal drinks) and the Ice cider! 

My favourite was definitely the Peachy Pear! It was sweet and refreshing, the Ice cider was the most interesting, it sort of resembled the taste and experience of an ice wine! Really sweet, but also strong, much more of a dessert wine! There are also some great non-alcoholic options, like their sweet sparkling apple cider, which is my go-to! 

We got a few food items, and we started with the trio dip! It came with Garlic Hummus, Tapenade and Romesco dips as well as 3 different types of bread and crackers. The hummus was amazing and when all 3 are mixed it’s perfectly balanced! To top it all off the presentation of this item was beautiful, it’s the perfect shareable appetizer! 

We also got the Buffalo chicken sandwich which was very spicy! It wasn’t your typical tangy buffalo sandwich, it definitely is more spicy than tangy and packs some really good flavour! It was paired perfectly with their fries, it was homemade fries that were crispy and came with their signature apple ketchup! It was a lot better than I expected. It was like ketchup with a sweet twist. I definitely enjoyed my time here, the atmosphere, the service, the food and drinks, everything was so welcoming, and laid back! Definitely check out their main farm shop, located inside the cidery for many more items! 

With such a gorgeous atmosphere and patio, this is a must! See you there!

Sincerely, Celine! 

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