Recently my friends and I decided to head out to Toronto for a patio lunch, we reserved some seats at The Porch. There was a reservation fee, this was per person, the reservation fee varies based on the day and peak hours. We made reservations for 4 pm and were so excited to get into the city and enjoy the warm weather! 

When we got there, there wasn’t a line up so getting in wasn’t any trouble, the staff and security was very friendly and guided us in! There were many flights of stairs to walk up before getting to the rooftop patio, so do not wear high heels! Comfy shoes are definitely the way to go when visiting The Porch!  

They seated us almost immediately and brought water to our table very quickly! We took a few minutes to scan and check out the menu, and we started with some great drinks! The stand out drinks were the porch punch and watermelon margarita bulldogs! These drinks were huge and heavy! Thankfully these were my friends’ drinks because for me, they would be too much, they can definitely be shared! They are strong, highly flavoured, very colourful and aesthetically pleasing! They had large pieces of fruit, and a mini corona bottle! 

Next we ordered a few food items, we ordered the cali fries, fried chicken salad and the Nashville fried chicken sandwich. The food was definitely not the highlight of the visit, the portions were very small and lacked flavour! The drinks were definitely the better part of the meal! 

The absolute best part of this patio is the view! You are very close to the CN Tower and have a clear view which makes for amazing photos!

Overall this was a great outing and I can’t wait to visit even more patios this summer! 

Sincerely, Celine! 

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