As the weather is getting warmer, I love getting outdoors and hiking and one of my favourite spots to visit is Crawford Lake, it is located not too far outside of the GTA, it has so many great trails to hike and explore here! You do need to go online to and purchase tickets to reserve your 2-hour 

To start there are so many trails to explore, these have varying difficulty levels, so there is something for everyone! We decided to take the Escarpment Trail first! It is marked with yellow and was about a 40 minute hike to reach the top lookout point, going up was a moderately tough hike, there were a lot of rocks and uneasy foot work, so definitely wear your best running shoes here! The lookout point is absolutely breathtaking! You can see rattlesnake point and uninterrupted views of the space in between! After the lookout point, the rest of the trail was flat and easy and a nice descend back down to the starting point of the Escarpment Trail! This only took us about 20 minutes! 

Next we decided to explore the Crawford Lake Trail and walk on the boardwalk! This is a lot of fun! It was a flat boardwalk that can be enjoyed by all ages! There are benches to rest and take in the lake view! This was a great way to cool off and enjoy the conservation area! We stopped for a moment at one of the benches and looked down at the lake, to our surprise there were huge snapping turtles in the lake right below us! The Crawford Lake trail only took us around 20-30 minutes to walk the entire loop! 

After this we were approaching the end of our visit, the last thing we explored was the Iroquoian Village, this included two reconstructed longhouses! It was very cool to see these historically significant structures and check them out in the present day! 

We loved Crawford Lake so much! There is so much to explore and discover here! It is definitely a spot you need to check out! 

Sincerely, Celine!

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