With street food always being a staple in fairs and festivals, in the recent past many weren’t able to enjoy their favourite street food due to these festivals being cancelled due to the pandemic. I came across a paradise for all street food lovers, the Street Eats Market! There are a few locations in and around the GTA and they are continuing to expand! It is an outdoor area with many different food trucks and booths serving up all different types of street foods! I visited the location in Scarborough Town Centre with some friends and family, and we tried so many delicious foods!  

To begin, there is so much parking! Large lots are located right next to the market! The market is take out only, but there is a lot of space outside of the area to relax and eat! There are controlled entrances and exits, it does create a bit of a wait time to enter the food area but it really helps with social distancing and the wait time of the food! Because there wasn’t much of a line or wait for any of the stalls we were able to grab a lot of different kinds of foods in a short amount of time! 

The first thing we bought was refreshing drinks! We got a few ice cold freshly cut coconuts! It was so refreshing on a hot day! At Alijandros kitchen’s food truck, their ice teas and lemonades caught our eye! We got the peach ice tea and a mix of their pomegranate and mango mint lemonades, this was honestly the standout amongst the drinks! It was not too sweet and was bursting with flavour! Then we picked up all the food and dessert items we wanted! 

Fresh Cut Coconut
Peach Iced Tea + Mixed Pomegranate and Mango Mint Lemonade

Starting with Tut’s Egyptian Street Food, we got the Tut’s combo, which included 2 sandwiches of our choice, one side, and one soft drink! We decided to get the Ferakh sandwich for both sandwiches which was the grilled chicken and the fries with dukka for our side! It was so tasty! The sandwiches were small handhelds that were soft and full of flavour, the fries had amazing seasonings on them that added to the overall taste of the combo! 

TUT’S combo – both Ferakh with Fries

Next we got a few items from the 6 spice rack, we picked up the Mama Mia chicken special, the KFC chicken special but we swapped out the sweet potato fries that came with, we got regular fries instead. The KFC chicken special was the standout item! It included fries topped with two large pieces of crispy fried chicken coated in a sweet and spicy sauce, and mango slaw on top with a chipotle sauce on the side to compliment everything! It was by far my favourite item of the day! 

KFC Chicken Special
Mama Mia Chicken Special
Cod Fish Tacos

We also picked up the cod tacos from the food dudes truck, these were pretty average, the toppings were fresh but the fish itself was very oily and that took away from the overall taste of the item, another item that lacked flavour was the jerk chicken poutine from the jerk brothers, you got a good amount for the money spent but the jerk flavour was not quite there! 

Finally got dessert! We started with beignets from the beignet shoppe which was in a joined booth with the 6 spice rack! These were so big and fluffy! They were also covered in powered sugar, you had a choice of blueberry or strawberry sauce, we got the blueberry, it was a bit sour but complemented the sweetness of the beignet, the final item we got was beavertails! We picked up a nutella and lemon beavertail and they were both so delicious! 

I loved this idea of a bunch of amazing foods all in one spot! It was such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to visit one of their other locations! 

Sincerely, Celine! 

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