I really enjoy makeup and the creativity that goes into the thought process and creation of different types of makeup looks. I was lucky enough to have my makeup done by the extremely talented Kavi Kaptures! She was extremely professional, she started by asking me what type of look I wanted, I told her that I was going for something representing summer and wanted her to take her creative liberty! I also showed her what I planned on wearing and she matched everything perfectly! 

She started by prepping my face with moisturizer, eye cream and primer! This made my face feel so soft and ready to adequately handle the layering of make-up, she started with my eye makeup, and we decided on a classic winged liner, but we would make it pop with a hint of green. The first step was the application of black liquid liner, once that was evenly applied on both eyes, she used a green shimmer shadow to create a green coloured effect! It was such a beautiful and simplistic way to create a unique look! After that, we moved on to creating a natural crease, she took a nude-brown shade and lightly swiped it into the crease! It created the most effortless shape and enhancement to the eyes! She placed some lashes and lastly, she added a pop of gold to the inner corners of the eyes!

Then, she gently removed a fallout from the eye make up, defined my brows with ABH Dip brow and moved onto the face! She started with concealer and used both M.A.C and Tarte concealers, she then went on to foundation, we used a high coverage foundation, the Dior Backstage Foundation. She then drenched my face with setting spray and dabbed it in with a beauty blender, which really made a huge difference, it made my makeup feel lighter and set so much better into my skin! 

She then used Anastasia BH creme contour palette to create a deeper effect on the face and accentuate my cheek bones, she then set my face with M.A.C Studio Fix powder, then bronzed and highlighted! The last step was to add a lip colour, she used a gorgeous mauve pink liner and set my entire face once again to seal everything in! 

Kavi Kaputres was so easy and professional to work with! She was very clear, friendly and accommodated all my requests to the best of her ability! She is a certified makeup artists by Julia Dantas Beauty Academy, and truly makes certain that she ‘kaptures’ the beauty within, and does that beauty justice with the look she creates on the outside! She made me look so radiant and glowing, it really inspired such an amazing photoshoot!  She has such an amazing talent and can create looks for any and all events and occasions! She would love to work and connect with you! You can follow her on IG @kavikaptures, email or to book a service with her, CLICK HERE! 

Let me know how much you love this summer look in the comments! 

Sincerely, Celine! 

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