Visiting COBS Bread – Bakery

There are few bakeries that I truly get excited about and have an appreciation for, COBS Bread Bakery is one of them! The first location I visited was in the Hamilton area, it was the perfect breakfast, it was an understatement to say that I started the day correctly! Because I live in Brampton, the Hamilton location was very far to visit regularly. One day I was in Meadowvale, Mississauga and happened to stumble upon a location!

They always have so many freshly baked treats to choose from, the first thing that caught my eye was their cinnamon buns! They looked so fresh and flaky we just couldn’t resist! I also had their spinach and feta croissant, I previously had the chocolate one and loved it! The spinach and feta croissant was definitely more towards my liking! It had a really tasty savoury flavour to it! I like my food a bit spicy so their Jalapeño Twist is my absolute favourite. It is a larger bread so it is perfect for sharing. It has a lot of flavour, spices and seasoning baked into it that has it bursting with flavours! 

The last thing we picked up was a few danishes! We tried both the blueberry and raspberry danishes! They were both so light, flakey, and delicious! Everything is so tasty from here, but so far my absolute favourites have to be the Jalapeño Twists and the Danishes! I can’t wait to return and try out some of their fresh breads and other items! Let me know some of your favourite bakery items from this amazing bakery in the comment! 

To find a location near you, CLICK HERE!

Sincerely, Celine! 

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