VISITING WINE SPOT – Bolton, Ontario

If you are in Bolton and in the mood for a light dinner and some awesome drinks, check out Wine Spot, it is a hidden gem and has beautiful interior and exterior decor. This restaurant isn’t the most busy and it isn’t your typical chain restaurant, it has an individual vibe and feel to it! 

The menu is sure to have something for everyone, there are shareables that can be shared with the table, or just all for yourself! There is poutine, fries with garlic or spicy aioli, warm olives and more! There are also some light tapas options if you want to eat a lighter fare for dinner, there are Lettuce Wraps that can be with teriyaki chicken or vegan tofu, these are served with spicy yogurt and a honey sriracha sauce! Something to note is that their menu does change seasonally, there are some menu items that I tried like their spicy shrimp that may not be on the menu any more! The spicy shrimp was sauteed and tossed in a light Portuguese style spicy sauce and paired with crostinis! It was packed full of flavour and a perfect light snack! 

We also opted for their fries also tossed in their Portuguese style spicy sauce, the portion size of fries was huge! It was more than enough for the 3 people in our party! It was also really tasty and had a nice little kick to it! 

Their cocktails are so classic yet beautiful, I had the Signature Sour and it was awesome. It had Jameson, lemon juice, simple syrup and red wine! It was light yet tasty and had a beautiful presentation. There was a center ice block that had a ‘W’ stamped right into the top of the ice!  The red wine was layered on top and this formed a gradient effect when sitting on top the lime juice! 

We also got the Hemingway Daiquiri, which had White Rum, Maraschino Liqueur, Grapefruit Juice, Lime and Simple Syrup! This drink had a stunning off peach colour and was perfectly balanced with sweet and sour! Lastly, we got the Smoked Old Fashion, the presentation for this drink was immaculate! It had Bourbon, bitters and sugar and then smoked cherry wood chips were included by placing the wood on top the drink and burning the smoke to lay on top the drink! 

The waitress and staff at the restaurants were so friendly and helpful! They gave great recommendations and were very patient! I can’t wait to be back soon! 

Sincerely, Celine 

LOCATION: 23 Queen St N, Bolton, ON L7E 1C2


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