1) Churro Donuts

This is a spot I newly found when I was on the hunt for a good churro! They are located in Toronto Premium Outlets, inside the Cacao 70 cafe. I opted to make my order online, the donuts were pretty fairly priced, ranging from $2.99 – $3.50 each! I tried the classic cinnamon sugar churro donut, the pretzel churro donut and blueberry cheesecake churro donut! The classic cinnamon sugar was by far my favourite! It was warm and fluffy on the inside, but sweet and crispy on the outside! They do take walk in orders, but to play it safe, you can order online! They were definitely better than expected! 

Location: 13850 Steeles Av W, SUITE 935, Halton Hills, Ontario L7G 0J1

2) Tiny Tom Donuts

These donuts are a staple at any fair, thesis mini donuts are a quick snack that are delicious and kid-friendly! There are usually different flavours, the classic and best in my opinion is the cinnamon sugar! There are a few permanent locations, one being in Markham, however they can usually be found in places like Canada’s Wonderland or food fairs! Definitely check them out, they are the perfect snack!

Various Locations

3) COPS Doughnuts

A special place that I will always return to is COPS doughnuts, they have the cutest donuts, they are fried to perfection and melt in your mouth when you eat them fresh! They usually have a few flavours to choose from, they have their OG Original and cinnamon sugar donuts as regular options and they have a new weekly flavour that changes every week, some unique flavours I’ve tried from them are Blueberry Lavender and Marshmallow! This is a must try! They have a few locations around Toronto! 

Various Locations

4) Dooher’s Bakery 

This bakery is pretty far out, it is approximately 2 hours away from Toronto, if you’re planning a day trip to Peterborough definitely make this one of your stops! Their stand out item is their donuts to die for! These donuts are perfectly glazed then cut in half and filled with whipped cream! They also have sticky buns, date squares, brownies, fresh bread and so much more! 

Location: 61 Bridge St E, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0

5) Euro Donuts 

This has to be one of my absolute personal favourite spots on the list, they are currently only available for online orders, these orders need to be placed at least 24-hours before! There is so much to choose from and they have a seasonally changing menu! Their fall donuts are literally to die for! If you want cool gourmet donuts, look no further! Euro Donuts in Vaughn should be your first stop! They also have custom order cakes and other items such as fresh bread! 

Location: 90 Turbine Dr #16, North York, ON M9L 2S2

6) Daddy O Doughnuts 

There are so many reasons why I love Daddy O Doughnuts, to start they are family owned! They have changing monthly menus, a main menu and a vegan menu! I really appreciate their vegan menu as there is approximately the same amount of vegan doughnuts as there is regular doughnuts! It’s very inclusive and equally as tasty! They are usually very busy, so I would recommend visiting them early and during off hours! There is so much to choose from, it can definitely be a task to pick what you should try! Some of my ultimate favourites are the cinnamon sugar twists and the blueberry apple fritters! They are located in Mississauga, definitely check them out! 

Location : 589 N Service Rd, Mississauga, ON L5A 1B2

7) Stuffies 

This spot is located in Mississauga’s Square one, this is very different compared to any other donut or pastry cafe, this spot serves up animal shaped pastries! They are known for their adorable bear shaped- custard filled sweet fluffy parties! But my favourite item from their menu is their soft-serve ice cream served in a fish-shaped (taiyaki) waffle cone, and topped with all different great ingredients!

Location: Square One Shopping Center, 100 City Centre Dr, Entrance 8, Unit 2-812, Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9

8) Sunshine Doughnut Co.

They are a small business that has an array of large tasty donuts! They have a changing menu, when we visited there were lemon donuts, raspberry cheesecake, chocolate sprinkle, raspberry lemonade fritter, plain jane and so much more! There are different teas, coffees, juices and more that can be paired with your sweet treat! I had the lemon donut and it was great! I really love citrus flavours so it was totally up my alley! I would definitely recommend getting there early as they do tend to sell out quickly! These doughnuts are huge, I would highly recommend sharing them with family and friends! 

Location: 439 Brock Ave, Burlington, ON L7S 1M8

9) The Box

This donut spot is gourmet, tasty and original! They come in a square shape and always have the most unique flavours! They are also exquisitely beautiful! They are soft, fluffy and sometimes have just the right amount of filling inside, there is cream filling, apple filling and much more! Unfortunately their location in Mississauga’s Square One is now closed, if you happen to come across a location, make sure you check them out! 

Various Locations

10) Loukoumania 

These pastries are a bit different compared to the known style of donuts, these are Greek desserts, called Loukoumades! They are traditional Greek honey puffs, they are fluffy, tasty, and quite literally mouth-watering! They are immersed in honey then topped with all different kinds of sauces or sugars! There is a large menu of toppings for you to choose from, for example, cinnamon sugar, butterscotch, white chocolate, peanut butter, and so much more! They are located in Vaughn! 

Location: 3120 Rutherford Rd Unit 10, Concord, ON L4K 0B1

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