Fresh Rose Petal-Soft Deep Hydration Lip Balm

I really like this lip mask because it has such a gentle and smooth texture! It is very soothing and while it is on the luxury side of products, it does last a long time! It makes your lips so soft and there isn’t much residue! I really like to use this lip balm as a primer for my lips before applying lipstick! It is highly rose-scented, and while it is fragranced personally I don’t find it too overwhelming! It smells great and doesn’t irritate my lips at all! 

Mario Badescu- Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater Facial Spray + Candle

This duo gives all the rose-scented vibes and while this facial spray might be a controversial product, I tend to really reach for it because it smells so great! I like to set my face with this spray, I will only use this on days when I give very natural and minimal makeup on, this gives a very dewy finish! Also, I like using it in my hair from time to time because it smells so good! The candle smells so heavenly, it has the same scent as the spray, the packaging is a beautiful light pink colour and has a nice light scent! 

Fresh – Rose Deep Hydration Oil-Infused Serum

This serum makes you glow! It is such a unique serum and it is really different compared to anything else I’ve tried! Everything about this serum is absolutely luxury, from the glass bottle to the rose colour! It has a great rose scent and is an oil based serum so it does have a slight oily feel to it, I like to typically use it 2-3 times a week, this way I can get the optimal effects without clogging my pores!  

Herbivore – Coco Rose Body Scrub

This body scrub from Herbivore is very well loved by many for a reason, it is so natural and gently exfoliates! I praise this product whenever I can because it is amongst some of my favourite body scrubs, it is so gentle, and leaves your skin with a layer of hydration! It isn’t abrasive, and is a great daily body scrub! Not to mention it smells so good, there is a sweet rose scent that lingers all day! 

Herbivore – Coco Rose Body Oil

Right after using the Coco Rose Body Scrub, I love layering on the rose scent by using the Coco Rose body oil! It is so hydrating, makes your skin glow and amplifies the sweet rose scent! Is also a natural based body oil and the packaging is made of glass, so be careful when handling! This body oil is a must have and makes your skin feel so soft! 


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