This amazing hiking trail and conservation area is only about 30 mins away from Brampton and approx. an hour away from Toronto! This hiking spot does not need any prior reservations, and there is no parking fee! This is a huge plus as many other parks can cost quite a bit depending on the location! There is a trail map at the start of the trail that is connected to the parking lot! 

There are a few different trails to hike and explore in the area, the one that we took and that I recommend is Bruce Trail! It is approx. 2 km one way, but it is definitely adventurous and you get to see many of the attractions that this conservation area offers on this trail! 

First, about halfway into the trail you will see the “hole in the wall”, this is a cave-like rock formation that you need to climb down using the ladder and then walk through to continue on the trail! The climb down is just a few steps, but you can instantly feel the drop in temperature! It is really nice to get a break in this cooler temperature! The rock formation does have a lot of moss due to the condensation of the cooler temperature mixing with the warm so definitely watch your step! 

There is a small space that is the walk through to continue on the trail! Right after continuing from the cave you are immediately met with a steep decline! Take your time and make your way down the hill, this is by far the toughest part of the hike! After this, the hike is a bit flatter and easier to walk! Next, the mill ruins are a main attraction for this area, there is a Lime Kiln that is so much bigger than I thought it would be and very interesting to look at! There is also a powder house that has a very interesting background, it was used to store all the explosive power that was used to break up the large amounts of limestone that was present! 

There are many small bridges and also a limestone arch that is beautiful to look at! This amazing conservation area is one not to be missed! 

Sincerely, Celine!

website for trail map + address : https://cvc.ca/discover-our-parks/limehouse-conservation-area/


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