There are few places that really have an extensive fruit tea menu, I Heart Boba’s fruit teas are one of the best! There are a lot of options to choose from on the menu, there are many dairy-free options as well to accommodate many different dietary needs! There is a weekly tea of the day at some locations that allow you to try many different types of drinks! There are many innovative and unique drinks like, coconut cream tea, lemon lavender tea, pomegranate slush, champagne grape smoothie, pineapple tea, and ice cream coffee with boba! There are many toppings such as a variety of jellies, popping boba, fresh fruit and tapioca! There are locations in Mississauga, Burlington and Milton! This Taiwanese based bubble tea chain is not to be missed!  

Thai Milk Tea with Tapioca + Blueberry Green Tea with Lychee Popping Balls

  • There are so many great drinks that are offered at Kung Fu Tea, it’s so difficult to choose what to get each and every time! There are so many fresh ingredients that are used in their bubble tea, this makes it the ultimate refreshing drink to sip on! Some locations I’ve been to have a really creamy soft serve ice cream that pairs with tapioca and other toppings that make such a great combination for the hot summer months! There are two locations in Ontario, one in GTA – Brampton that is near Bramalea City Centre and one in Welland, near St. Catherines! 


The Royal Tea locations in Toronto and elsewhere are infamous for their drinks in signature cups and containers such as a light bulb and a bear shaped bottle! There are so many delicious drinks to choose from here! Personally the unique kumquat lemonade is always refreshing for those who like a tangy citrus drink! There are drinks that are especially paired with the special bottles, like the classic milk tea is already given in the light bulb and the earl gray milk tea is already given in the bear bottle, however almost any drink you choose off the menu can be filled in one of the special bottles for a small upcharge! There is so much to try at Royal i’ll definitely be back soon! 

Light Bulb – Classic Pearl Milk Tea + Bear Bottle – Kumquat Lemonade with Lychee Popping Balls


There are many Chatime locations throughout the GTA, but there are selective locations that are branded as an innovation bar that carry creatively crafted drinks that are exclusive to the location. There are so many drinks to choose from, there is a stellar coffee/espresso based drink called Yin & Yang, but the standout drinks at these locations are the glass bottled drinks, there are 3 to try, Purple Reign, Sakura’s Kiss and my personal favourite, Passion Fruit Glow! All these drinks are delicious, fruity and have edible shimmer that make them look incredible in the light, it also looks great on the gram! Try these drinks at Yorkdale mall! 

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